Sengtor Plastic Co., Ltd.
Custom Plastic Products
Sheeting, Tubing, Shopping Bags, Garbage Bags, Compostable Bags, Deck Boxes and Pages
Our company has all kinds of plastic manufacturing machines, if you are looking for blowing, extrusion, printing or packaging, We can meet your requirements.

Sengtor, your best choice for custom plastic products. One of our goals as a plastic producer is to prevent our products from becoming trash which is harmful to the environment. We supply 100% biodegradable plastic sheeting/rolls and compostable bags to achieve our goal. We also produce plastic desktop organizers, albums, binders, etc. All our products are tailored to the requirements of customers.
Inside the Sengtor 13,000 square meter factory, we have strong production capabilities, carrying out processes like blown film extrusion, plastic sheet extrusion, plastic bag production, faux leather processing, and much more.

Our Stories
At the time of our establishment in 1997, Sengtor only manufactured plastic tapes. We owe our success to the introduction of new plastic extrusion lines and machines that allowed us to produce more plastic products like poly bags, garbage bags, shopping bags, and so on. As early as 2006, Sengtor has been working on the development of fully degradable plastic bags. I was inspired to create biodegradable plastic bags after watching a video about the serious environmental pollution caused by plastics. We quickly became the first company to introduce fully degradable bags in China.
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  • Album&Binder&Organizer
  • Faux Leather Deck Box
  • Compostable Bags